Project Description

Custom Equipment Name Plates

C.N.Nameplate offers custom equipment name plates for all industries

Our equipment name plates can be used for almost all industries like construction, transportation and more, and they are suitable for outdoor and indoor use in harsh industrial environment. The plastic and metal equipment name plates we offer are durable, long-lasting and can withstand harsh environment.

Industrial machine nameplates play a critical role when relaying vital information like machine info, warning info, safety guidelines  or brand image to your customers and employees.

We have a wide range of materials optional for choice from plastic, aluminum, anodized aluminum, stainless steel or brass name plates for equipment for your needs, and we can produce and fabricate high quality name plates for machines to meet your exact specifications.

Common applications of name plates for equipment

Our metal name plates for equipment can be used in most inudstries like construction equipment, energy, oil & gas, telecommunication and more. The custom metal equipment tags can be finised with engraved, etched, screen printed or embossed.

It is important to make your custom equipment nameplates durable and long-lasting for industrial applications in harsh environment. Our industrial equipment labels can be fully customizable with our engraving, printing and etching capabilities to ensure your id plates for equipment are durable.

Machine/Equipment serial no & ID

We can make equipment id tags to help you manage your equipements and other assets more efficiently. Data information on the tags can be printed, engraved or etched.

serial number name plates

Safety information

Machine name plates safety information is very important for operators or your customers, it usually containes information like working current, temperature, voltage etc.

Manufacturer brand information

The custom metal logo plates can enhance your brand image, expand your business and market shares. An aluminum or stainless steel name plate would be a good choice to make shiny or fancy brand logo plate.

custom metal logo plates

Common used materials

The stainless steel name plates can be engraved, laser etched, emobssed or printed to include barcode, machine information, brand logo or serial numbers. They are chemical and heat resistant, and are durable for both indoor and ourdoor applications under extreme environment.

Aluminium nameplates are very durable, cost-effective and attractive labelling solutions. They are lightweight and have good tensile property and easy forming ,it can be printed and anodized with any color you want. A range of process can be done with the custom aluminum name plates like engraved, etched, emobssed.

Plastic Equipment Name plates

C.N.Nameplate Co offers high performance plastic nameplates which can withstand harsh environment. We can custom size, shapes as well as vibrant colors to meet your specific needs.

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