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Custom industrial nameplates

Industrial name plates, labels & tags play an important role in showing products information, equipment ID, machine identification and safety warning message to your customers and employees. C.N.Nameplate Co offers custom industrial nameplates for global and local manufacturers and factories with great quality, durability and recognisability.

As one of leading industrial name plate manufacturers in China, C.N.Nameplate Co produce industrial labels with a variety of materials like aluminum, stainless steel, brass, zinc alloy, polycarbonate to suit different environment.

C.N.Nameplate Co is able to offer comprehensive selection of  multi-color combinations, surface treatment, finishes, shapes, sizes to our metal or plastic nameplates.

A durable nameplate is made to stand harsh envirnoment, long lasting to use, on-time to delivery and at competitive price. That’s our gurantee.

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Nameplates by materials

We offer a wide range of materials for industrial name plates:

Nameplates by finishes:

Nameplates by fixing:

  • Self adhesive name plates
  • Nameplates with screw holes

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