The membrane switch is a momentary switching device that is manufactured by using a series of flexible layers of polymer films and adhesives. The top layer, called a graphic overlay, is manufactured by printing on the down surface of transparent polyester or polycarbonate film. Membrane switches can be constructed of multiple circuit layers, and more optimized graphic design features, such as domed key embossing. Designs that are more complex require more material layers for proper construction and reliable operation. Membrane switches, when combined with components such as a tactile dome, graphic overlay, or integrated LEDs or resistors can provide the designer with virtually limitless capabilities to create the ideal custom user interface for their products.

Membrane switches have been a critical component in connecting customers or end-users to your machines for over 20 years. As a leading-edge custom membrane keypad manufacturer, C.N.Nameplate Co produces custom membrane switches, membrane keypads and keyboards, and tactile membrane keypads, which are tailored to your exact requirements. Our design engineers work closely with you, offering advice and support to create a membrane switch design that will meet your functional, cosmetic, cost and delivery criteria.

How Are Membrane Switches Constructed?

membrane switch construction

1.Graphic Overlay – PET/PC is usually the material of choice due to its fantastic chemical resistance and flex property . UNIGREAT can do digital printing, screen-printing, or apply both methods to ensure you get the right colors, textures and finish your design requirements.

2.Overlay Adhesive – This adhesive layer stick the graphic overlay to the top circuit layer, and is usually an acrylic adhesive. The material is same with the fourth layer. Only the thickness maybe different according to the actual situation.

3.Top Circuit Layer – The material of this layer is specific. Is is a 0.1mm thickness thermostable PET film printed with conductive silver ink and also dielectric oil, which used for fastening metal domes.

4.Circuit Spacer – This layer separates the top circuit from the bottom circuit so that switch remains normally break until the keypad is pressed. The circuit spacer is a polyester spacer with adhesive on both sides.

5.Lower Circuit Layer – This layer is a 0.1mm–0.25mm thickness thermostable PET film printed with conductive silver ink and also dielectric oil. This layer terminates as a flexible tail that serves as an interconnector to controller PCBs or other IC.

6.Rear Adhesive – This adhesive layer bonds the entire membrane switch to the product surface, housing, or to a rigid support panel. CNNAMEPLATE can use the proper adhesive type and thickness to bond your membrane switch to your equipment.

Features & benefits of membrane switches

1. Good durability The service life of membrane switch can reach more than one million times. Since the switch action is only realized by the vertical spring of the elastic film, the creep amplitude is very small, which is only 0.1-0.3 mm, and the material selection is reasonable, which is far from reaching the yield limit of the film. Therefore, the film material can withstand more than one million times of use without deformation.

2. Good sealing Membrane switch is the whole structure sealed, not easy to oxidize, with good waterproof, dustproof, anti oil, anti harmful gas erosion characteristics, suitable for all kinds of harsh environment.
3. Light weight and small volume In the design, the membrane switch can be arranged and combined into a membrane keyboard, and the multilayer membrane is combined into a sealed sheet structure. All the connecting lines and outgoing lines between the switches are completed by screen printing at one time. The total thickness is between 1-3mm. The volume is reduced, the weight is reduced, and the reliability is improved.
4. Colorful The membrane switch has beautiful appearance and rich colors, which can be conceived according to the user’s design. The decoration effect reflects the comprehensive characteristics of material beauty, decoration beauty and process beauty.
5. Reduce the matching cost of mechanical and electrical products The installation of membrane switch is adhesive type. Just remove the adhesive paper, it can be firmly pasted on the surface of the whole machine. The lead outlet is inserted into the socket of the rear circuit of the whole machine, and the circuit can be connected. Save labor and material, reduce the cost of the whole machine.
6. Wide range of applications (instruments – measuring instruments, analytical instruments, navigational instruments, medical instruments)Household appliances – remote control, electronic lock, washing machine, microwave oven, rice cooker, audio and video equipment, etc Office system — telephone, fax, copier, counter Computer operation keyboard, monitor, printer and plotter Electronic toys — electronic organ, game machine, electronic target


Environmental                                   Operating Tem From -20 to 65 °C/ -4 to 149 °F
Storage Tem From -40 to 85 °C/ -40 to 185 °F
Seal 3M permanent acrylic adhesive resists against dust, water, oil and moisture conditions.
 Special sealing options are available for wet environments.
MechanicalTravel .007 inches to .015 inches
Operating Force 4oz to 8oz
Electrical  Operating Voltage 30 volts maximum
Operating Current 10 microamps to 100 milliamps, resistive
Closed Circuit Resistance         100 ohms typical, dependent on size and layout
Open Circuit Resistance 10 megohms
Operating Power 1 watt maximum
Circuitry X-Y matrix or one side common

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