Equipment nameplates play an important role in many different industrials such as home appliance, machinery, electronics and more. Before choosing the right nameplates for equipment, there are many things that should be considered. In this article, we are going to show you everything that you need to know about equipment tags. You will learn to know what options you have,and how to get the perfect equipment name plates within your budge.

What is equipment nameplate?

Nameplates that contain the useful information of equipment or machine, like manufacturer, model number, serial number, certification mark, power. The customers can get to know the basic information of equipment quickly by reading equipment name plates.  It is also very important for machine/equipment identification and maintenance in all major indutries.adhesive metal name plates

5 factors should consider to make custom equipment tags

  1. Materials: Metal or non metal materials, you should choose according to your use environment
  2. Processing technologies: Etching, stamped, engraved, screen printed, embossed
  3. Indoor/outdoor use
  4. Service life
  5. Back adhesive or screw hole fixed

5 most commonly used namplates

  1. Anodized aluminum nameplates— There will form an protective oxide film when anodizing aluminum, it not only keeps the aluminum nameplates chemical and abrasion resistant, but also makes the aluminum name plates more durable and stronger.  Anodized aluminum nameplates are widely used in a variety of industries like automotive, aircraft, home appliance and more. It can serve many years in outdoor as well as harsh environment. C.N.Nameplate Co can produce high quality anodized aluminum nameplates that can be customized. A variety of forms(oval,square,rectangle,circle), colors and sizes can all be customized. An etched, screen printed, engraved, embossed processing technologies can be customized according to your specific requirement.
  2. Aluminum nameplates— Aluminum nameplates are one of the most popular plates for displaying critical information in almost all industries. They can be easily formed and engraved because of its low density. The aluminum labels are being used to display machine and equipment data, safety warning, products information. Aluminum is not magnetic, so the aluminum tags will not interfere with the machine or equipment. We can make custom aluminum nameplates with a variety of processing technologies: embossed aluminum nameplates, etched aluminum nameplates, engraved aluminum nameplates, custom printed aluminum tags and more.
  3. Stainless steel nameplates—The metal name plates that are made of stainless steel through etching, engraving, printing or emobssing technologies. Most commonly used stainless steel are 200 series, 304 and 316. The stainless name plates will not rust and have a long service life up to 20 years, they are also corrosion resistant and durable. SS name plate is very suitable for using in harsh environment, you can find C.N.Nameplate custom stainless steel name plates are being used in elevator,heavy equipment, oil field industries, food industries and more. No matter you need to make etched stainless steel nameplates, stainless steel engraved name plates or screen printed ss steel name plate, you can always contact us for getting stainless steel nameplates price.
  4. Brass name plates Brass name plates have a unique color that look similiar to gold, its texture is not as good as gold, but the cost is much lower. Brass name tags look elegant, fancy and stylish, they are widely used in furniture, handbags, equipment, office and more industries. Brass plaques are durable and have excellent resistance to saltwater, corrosion, tarnish, chemicals and solvents. They are very suitable for both indoor and outdoor environment, its lifespan can reach up to 20 years. Brass labels can be engraved at any shapes or sizes, the surface treatment can be glossy or satin finish.
  5. Plastic name plates— Plastic name plates are durable and can withstand harsh environment and high temperatures. They can definitely meet your requirement for long last life, extreme conditions environment. Plastic name tags are widely used in all industries: oil & gas, transportation, home appliance, medical, electronic and more. They are for brand recognition, product identification, safety warning, equpment ID and inventory management. Plastic nameplates are cost effective but durable and weatherproof, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.Acid-etched-stainless-steel-brass-nameplate-Laser

3 most popular processing technologies:

  1. Screen printed name plates—Screen printing can allow you to print in a variety of vivid colors, with UV resistant ink, it has superior outdoor performance. Moreover, screen printing can print on many different materials, metal or non metal materials. It is one of the most popular and cost effective ways to use on name plates.
  2. Etching name plates—Etching is a process that use chemical to remove  targeted areas of a particular metal, to make raised, recessed or hollow effect. Etching are used mostly on aluminum,brass or stainless steel for harsh environment. Etching name plates are durable and has long-last life even in extreme conditions.
  3. Engraved name plates—You can engrave any text or image on metal or non metal name paltes. Engraved name plates are durable and serve long life span.

When purchasing an equipment nameplate, you must compare your requirements with the material characteristics of the nameplate itself. For outdoor applications that require durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions, metal nameplates are your first choice. In non-abrasive industrial environments, plastic nameplates are best for you. Please note that many types of famous brands allow you to add additional molds to improve their durability.