Metal name plate is generally used for furniture name plate. The main reason is that metal materials are more durable, elegent and cost effective. There are many kinds of metal materials, but there are only three types suitable for making furniture tags: aluminum, brass, and copper-plated material.

Aluminum name plates are most widely used in furniture signs. It is not only because of its low cost, but also because of the brushed high-gloss aluminum is more fashionable and beautiful. In addition, the aluminum nameplates can be easily fixed on the furniture with back adhesive becasue of its light weight. This method is currently the simplest and most convenient way of fixing. As long as the glue is peeled off, it can be pasted and it is very strong. Once it is attached, it is difficult to tear it off.

furniture name plate


The metal materials can vary according to the different type of the furniture. If it is  high-end retro mahogany furniture, brass material is more suitable than aluminum for it.  brass name plate is very suitable for high-end retro furniture, not only because the copper color matches retro mahogany tone, but also because of the high quality of the brass. The brass nameplate has the best quality among so many materials. The material is not only  scratch resistant, but also not oxidized, and has strong high/low temperature resistance. Moreover, it can stand extreme weather environment. Brass labels are beautiful, elegent, high end look, it is widely used on high-end mahogany furniture.

brass label for furniture


There is another kind of material that is copper-plated. Copper-plated is actually the effect of imitation bronze. The surface is very similar to pure copper, but the price will be much cheaper than  copper. In fact,  copper-plated name plate is very cost effective. On the one hand, it looks like brass name plate, on the other hand, the price is very affordable, so there is also great market demand.