Custom metal tags for furniture

C.N.Nameplate Co is one of leading name plate manufacturers from China,we serve a lot of different industries including furniture. Whether you need to make metal tags for household, office or shool furniture, we always offfer high quality custom furniture tags to help your brand recognizable and stand out to increase your sales.

Most commonly, we offer custom furniture nameplates with 3 different materials: brass, aluminum and stainless steel.

Brass Furniture Name Plates

Antique brass name plates are the most widely used plates for furniture industry. It looks elegent, antique, and it gives a perfect finishing touch to furniture.

Our engraved brass name plates are made with high quality brass, and we have a variety of color, finish, style and size to choose from. Your custom information can be perfectly engraved into the plates.

You can also choose screws, nails or adhesive to fixed the metal furniture tags. 

The benefits of custom metal tags for furniture

Improve the company brand image: The brass furniture name plates can show your customers your brand, and it is becoming more recognizable when more people see it. It can help to increase your sales.

Improve inventory management: You can manage your furniture inventory more efficiently by attaching furniture labels, and it can help to prevent getting lost when you are mass producing furnitures.

Custom furniture labels solutions

Contact C.N.Nameplate Co today to make your custom nameplate solution. We are here to help your business succeed. We have more than 20 years experiences in making custom metal nameplates, we serve almost all industries, and we always happy to work with you to fulfill your specific requirements.

Whether you need aluminum nameplate, stainless steel nameplates and labels, we can produce the right product for you. 


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