Nowdays, all enterprises have been moving towards formalization and standardization. The application of label identification is very extensive. It is widely used in industrial, commercial, office, and home fields: C.N.Nameplate co.,limited manufactures various custom name plates and labels which are waterproof, oil-proof, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, wear-resistant, and resistant to insulation. It also has strong adhesiveness. The multi-color labels with a selected surface has a protective film to make the label strip shine forever. A variety of materials from aluminum, brass, stainless, zinc alloy, iron are available for choosing.

industrial nameplates

Industrial equipment nameplates:

various warnings, equipment descriptions, equipment numbers, wire identification, switches, various types of markings, wiring boards and circuit boxes, parts storage boxes and storage shelves;

electric nameplate

Electric equipment custom name plates

The electrical control switch uses nameplates to avoid operational errors. The use of labels facilitates is suitable for cleaning of complicated lines, which is convenient and quick;

machine nameplate

Logistics warehousing

Labels are produced on demand, so that the stored items are placed in order, and it can adjust and store the item catalogue on time.

industrial labels


The standardized use of production tools, easy to store, use and operate the tools. A clear label/nameplate can make everything systematically operate;

price tag

Business name plates

various price tags, product name plates, presentations, decorative nameplates, badges.;

office nameplate

Custom Office Name plates

archive file management, disk management labels, personal item tags, office equipment and stationery nameplates, fixed asset tags, various cabinets and display cases, image data classification;

medical equipment namepalte

Hospital Medical equipment nameplates

laboratory items, test equipment nameplates, surgical instruments, x-ray photos, kitchen racks, various bottles and test tube samples, patient name labels, etc.;


Library nameplates

stationery, bibliographic bookshelf classification, student classification, classroom equipment nameplates, sporting goods.


Home life

albums, video tapes and tapes, fitness products, fishing gear and life-saving supplies, kitchen supplies, lunch boxes, mail boxes and door labels, greeting cards and various gift boxes;