What is Aluminum Name Plates?

aluminum name plates

Aluminum name plates are the plates, tags or signs which are made of aluminum materials. It has the features of guidance, instruction, warning and brand logo advertise.

Production process:

Aluminum name plate is one of the most commonly used plate, usually the aluminum plate is processed by stamping, cutting, concave and convex and aluminum alloy die-casting. There are some common processes: high gloss (polishing), etching, oxidation, wire drawing, laser engraving, electroplating, spraying, paint, enamel, baking varnish, reflective, luminous printing, etc. The text color on name plate adopts: screen printing, four-color offset printing, thermal transfer to complete the color effect, and can print various text, numbers, patterns and other content.

Aluminum tags have been widely used in electronic equipment, electrical appliances, mechanical equipment, air conditioners, TV,  handbags, automobiles, auto and motorcycle accessories, electric mopeds, doors, security doors, furniture, kitchenware, and office LOGO signs of products, sanitary ware, audio, luggage, accessories, various wine boxes, tea packaging boxes, moon cake packaging, gift packaging boxes, etc.

custom nameplates

Benefits of using aluminum signs:
1. Light weight: The density of aluminum is 2.702gNaN3, which is only 1/3 of that of copper and stainlesss teel. Moreover, it is more cost effective.
2. Easy to process: Aluminum has excellent ductility, easy to cut, and easy to stamp and form, which can meet the needs of special processes for different name tags.
3. Good corrosion resistance:  A hard and dense oxide film can be formed on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloys.
4. Good weather resistance: Many substances will not corrode the aluminum oxide film layer, and it will have excellent durability when used in harsh environments in industrial areas and coastal areas.
5. No magnetism: Aluminum is non-magnetic, and aluminum name plates will not cause external interference to equipment.