what are the benefits of using stainless steel nameplates?

The stainless steel sign is an advertising sign processed by means of corrosion, die-casting or printing using stainless steel as raw material. It has the characteristics of beautiful patterns, clear lines, appropriate depth, flat bottom, full color, uniform drawing, surface color and so on. Stainless steel nameplates are widely used in household goods, furniture, appliance logo as well as other industries.

stainless steel nameplate

  1. Stainless steel name plates will not rust in long-term use, and the service life is longer than other materials;


  1. The weight of the stainless steel plates is lighter and less likely to fall off;


  1. Stainless steel signs look very elegant and high quality;


  1. The stainless steel tags have two surface treatment: brushed and shiny surface;


  1. Stainless steel signs can highlight the grade of the brand, making the brand look more impressive;


  1. Stainless steel labels can also be specially processed by means of corrosion, die casting or printing.