Generally speaking, the equipment nameplate is also called machine nameplate. When making the nameplates, the information that must be included are: manufacturer, address, contact information, product name, model, factory number, power, power requirements, size, weight as well as other data.

metal equipment tags

So, what are the standards and requirement of producing the equipment tags? Let’s find it out.

  • Material: stainless steel, aluminum, brass and plastic are most popular materials to make equipment id tags
  • Color: black and white, or customized color
  • Size/shape: oval,rectangle or square nameplates at custom size,
  • Installation location: It is generally installed at the side of the machines.
  • Others: The user of the equipment and the person responsible for maintenance should be diligent in checking. If the nameplate is found to be off, the equipment department should be notified in time to reinstall it firmly.
  • The format example is shown in the figure:

stainless steel nameplates


In summary, the nameplates refers to the metal labels mounted on the instruments and equipment, as well as the nameplates that have already been fixed on the machinery. The equipment nameplates usually contain equipment ID, model, performance, specifications, date of manufacture, factory number and manufacturer. The nameplate mounted by the manufacturer generally includes the equipment number and the date of use specified by the factory.